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FTAA is emerging to be the peak body representing all Telugu Community Groups in the Australia; to advocate on matters of interest to the Telugu Communities; to promote Art & Culture and to foster friendships with the wider Australian Community.Any association represented by the Telugu community can become member of FTAA. The organisation is to represent the issues relevant for the community at a strategic level. Currently, FTAA is representing the issues of Telugu language recognition for translators and interpreters in Australia.

Constitution: The constitution for Federation of Telugu Associations in Australia is drafted and available for public consultation.


  1. To present a unified front for all its member associations and promote the advancement of Telugu communities (hereinafter referred to as “the Telugu community”) in the Australia.
  2. To act as a channel of communication between the Telugu community and the Commonwealth Government, the Territory/State Governments or the Indian Government on welfare, social and economic matters where practical and justifiable.
  3. To continue the working on recognition of Telugu as a community language in all levels of governments and introducing in the schools in Australia.
  4. To promote among the Telugu people resident in Australia and, in particular, awareness about Telugu community being inclusive and responsible Australian citizens and to cultivate a feeling of mutual respect through increased social & cultural interaction, sport and recreation.
  5. To establish Telugu retirement villages as the community hubs and promote “adopt a grandparent” schemes to pass on the intergenerational values.
  6. To establish such facilities and to do all such other lawful activities as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the vision of the Federation.
  7. To coordinate resources and enable the local member associations to celebrate major Telugu functions and festivals every year.

Download the document in PDF (Attach the PDF document).

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